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When all Signs Point to Adderall (Signs and Tips for the Parents of an Adderall Abuser)

Published May 22, 2013 by lindseymeetsworld

When all Signs Point to Adderall (Signs and Tips for the Parents of an Adderall Abuser).


Why Do we Love Drugs and Alcohol?

Published February 26, 2013 by lindseymeetsworld

Why Do we Love Drugs and Alcohol?.

Why Do we Love Drugs and Alcohol?

Published February 26, 2013 by lindseymeetsworld

22.6 Million Americans are addicted to drugs and 10 million are Alcoholics. That’s 32.6 million known addicts in a country of 313 million. Mind you now, there are 313,000,000 people in America and 40% of them are kids and babies.
How often do you get on your Facebook and see someone complaining? Almost every other post is SOMETHING about how that person hates their job, or their X, they are bored, in pain, the list goes on and on.
Are we conditioned to be unhappy??

I know for me personally, and I’m assuming many others, I started to drug simply because it made my life better. I hate to be so blunt, but it did! I felt happier, I had more energy, the house was cleaner, ect. We all want a little miracle pill (or drink) to make us happy. As a matter of fact, I think that in general we just want to BE HAPPY.
The unfortunate side of being an addict is that your drug of choice stops working the way it used to, and you become very sick after a while. Around 900,000 Americans die each year from substance abuse….what does that equal out to in a day?? About 2,500 people??
So here’s a question that I sometimes ponder: Is it better to live a long healthy happy life? Or to live a shorter super happy but not so healthy life?
It’s all just so screwed up if you ask me.
Conspiracists would argue that the government gets us hooked for money and population control purposes. Yea…it’s always the governments fault! I wonder how many of them like to pop a Xanax or Vicodin now and then?

With all of the problems we have….money issues, jobs, the fact that people no longer believe in hard work, the lack of God in our lives, ect…’s almost like we are DRIVEN to drugs an alcohol. Just so we can have a good damn day finally!
But for those people who genuinely WANT and NEED good help, if they don’t have $40,000 for a good rehab, then good luck with that!!
96% of addicts who go to a state funded rehab not only relapse, but they leave with “better connections”.
Maybe this is a conspiracy, lol. I’m sure most Meth addicts and paranoid people would be freaked out by that one!

I feel bad for this nation, I feel bad for those 33.6million people, I feel bad for myself. It just seems like a never ending circle of twisted “ur fucked”s.
Point be known: Don’t even ever TRY drugs.

What do you think? Do you think we are born into a world set up to fail??

Just found this old “note” on my iphone

Published February 24, 2013 by lindseymeetsworld

I was going through my “notes” app and discovered this. I love to write, and when I get a thought, I jot it down. As a recovering addict, it is strange to read my clouded thoughts from the past.

~The Most Interesting Person Ive Never Met~

I want to blame my life. So many dark days haunt my mind, my soul. And as much as I wish they weren’t there, in a twisted way I am glad. Glad I have something to blame.

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” they ask.

I respond in my mind “Do you know how ugly I am beyond what you see?”

“Whats it like to be so beautiful?” they ask

I look them strait in the eye and I truthfully respond, “Its a curse.” That usually shocks them. Not much of anything shocks me anymore.

I am the most interesting person Ive never met.

And in one fateful moment I realize: I can’t blame them. I blame ME.

For once, I blame ME.

I dont know what tomorrow will be like. I do know I’ll wake up weak, sometime throughout the day I will probably throw up, I’ll shake. Someday I will die like the rest of those like me, maybe sooner than usual. But I wonder: Will I EVER get a chance to meet me?


I Dont Know