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When all Signs Point to Adderall (Signs and Tips for the Parents of an Adderall Abuser)

Published May 22, 2013 by lindseymeetsworld

When all Signs Point to Adderall (Signs and Tips for the Parents of an Adderall Abuser).


When all Signs Point to Adderall (Signs and Tips for the Parents of an Adderall Abuser)

Published May 22, 2013 by lindseymeetsworld

If it quacks like a duck and acts like a duck….don’t excuse it for a goose

This blog is for all of you concerned parents or loved ones out there who may not understand drugs or addiction. I hope this blog finds you, and finds you well.
I’m asking ALL READERS, that if you have any experience with ADDERALL at all, or if this blog personally helped you reach the next step PLEASE comment below with your experience. The more to read, the better!

It’s an “average” day, as average as any for our crazy daily lives, the kids are finally off to school and your husband is gone for work. Once your morning coffee has kicked in you turn up the news loud enough so you can hear the TV while you do something productive around the house. And then the tone of the day changes; you find some sort of pill in your child’s bedroom (This happens to most parents at one point in time) What do you do?

There is a wonderfully helpful website that will help you. Go to the Pill Identifier at where you will type in the color, size, and individual letters & numbers on the pill. This will lead you to exactly what the drug is. When this happens to you I pray you only are finding an Ibuprofen, or even a Birth Control (although shocking, count your lucky stars!) but if you dont know much about the medicine then you need to research it as much as possible.

A lot of teenagers are really good kids, but even the best kind of person can be caught vulnerable. Adderall, for most users, started out being that “Acception Drug”. This means that the person doesn’t usually do drugs or drink but the high is so perfect that, for this, they will make an acception.

Adderall (Addy’s, Vivanse) is a HUGE problem in schools all over the world. 78% of school goers admit to at least trying the drug. SEVENTY EIGHT percent, yes you read that right! That is a STRONG percentage! It’s an intensely high number for a little pill that comes with an intensely popular high. Addy’s are starting to form the name, the “Study Drug” as a lot of school goers use Adderall to study and “focus”. The worst part about Adderall is that is DOES improve all functions temporarily, causing a quick addiction.

Adderall is a hugely popular pill originally made for people with ADHD. It works by affecting brain chemicals causing a surge of focus, concentration, and energy for several hours and sometime times even days in some people. (Have you ever seen on TV a Meth Addict/Crack Addict pick at their face for hours on end? They are so focused that they need something to do) Adderall is most popular in its Orange Capsule with the “beads” inside that supposedly make it harder to snort (HA!! Yea right!)
To be blunt, Adderall is basically the exact same thing as Crack only it’s cheaper and the high lasts longer.
People who use and abuse Adderall will get a massive rush of energy followed by an even stronger crash. After you take the pill it will take about 20minutes to an hour for it to kick in, you will suddenly feel energetic (more and more as the hours go by) and then the next thing you know, your more energetic than you imagined, and you NEED something to focus in on. A person on Adderall will clench their jaw for the entire high and chain smoke of they are regular smokers. The high isn’t quick, it will last all day long from one pill. Adderall is so dangerous in the fact that you WILL be able to completely zone in on your homework and study for hours upon hours, allowing yourself to catch up completely and/or ace the exams only to go home and spotlessly clean your house. It’s rare that someone sleeps on Addys, causing them to hallucinate the next day.
When a person takes an Adderall, their neurotransmitters [in the brain] do not function normally for a little while and THIS is exactly what makes you crave more. Before you know it, you’ve been in a 2 week binge and you cannot afford to “crash” for 2/3 days due to the fact that you have to go to school or work, ect and you need more Adderall to function….and then your an addict. EVERY SINGLE ADDICT (I repeat, every single one of them) thinks that they are the one acception to this and they will not become addicted, and they always do.
Adderall also increases all stimulation. The brain is gushing out Endorphines, causing Euphoria and a wonderful happy feeling. Adderall makes most peoples sexual appetite stronger as well.
Adderall is also hugely popular as a diet pill as you can go days and days without any food and still have awesome energy levels.

But do not let any of this entice you, what comes up must go down, right? And the higher up you go, the further you must fall. The high from Adderall is so very high that the crash is quite miserable, and you do NOT have to be an addict at all to crash. After several days with zero sleep or food, your body will be extremely exhausted but your mind is still racing which makes it so you cannot sleep. This “Tired but Wired” end of the high is AWEFUL, don’t make any mistake! It will take you quite a long time before you’re able to sleep so then when you DO fall asleep you will sleep for a long time. After you come down from an Adderall high your jaw will hurt so badly you will question if you were beaten up, you will have a pretty bad headache, and you will also be very grumpy. The hangover from Adderall lasts a very long time. You will also feel pretty depressed and weak.

I apologize if I put so much emphasis on the high of Adderall, I am in no way trying to “talk it up” but this is all the exact truth and it’s WHY your children are doing it.

Let’s go back to the beginning when mom finds that random pill. As moms, we will make a crap load of mistakes, but this moment right now is where a lot of moms make the ULTIMATE mistake: Justifying an excuse for your child.
“He’s a good kid, he tells me everything”
“My Aunt is prescribed those, she must have dropped it”
“It was probably that friend of hers!”
“He knows what I went through, he would never do drugs”
After you find drugs in your child’s possession and learn that it is in fact a narcotic, DO NOT justify excuses for them. It’s perfectly normal to be in denial and think that your kid is different, but it’s your JOB in life to act properly towards a situation like this. Making excuses is not only rediculous, but it ultimately teaches your child how to better lie to you and can lead to a lifetime of justifications.
Get online and research this specific narcotic. Type in: “(Name of drug) abuse” to see if people abuse this drug, or email me and know I’m happy to help:
If you learn that this is a narcotic, do not stay quiet! An trust me mom, your teenager is going to LIE their ass off to you!! They will come up with any possible excuse and lie. Let’s be realistic: there were drugs in the possession of your kid. Plain and simple. Personally, I have a large family am there’s a lot of people in and out of my house, and there are NO random pills in my house. Not to mention that drug users LOVE their pills they are not going to frivolously drop them or leave them behind…that’s just not how it happens.
My next blog is will go much deeper into the subject on how to react (and more importantly, how NOT to react) when you discover that your loved one is on drugs.

Increased energy (Being “super-mom” or a “super-student”)
Out of the ordinary weight loss
A dramatic increase in grades
Extreme highs and lows
Excessive sleeping
Being more affectionate than usual
Complaining of stomach pains and/or heartburn
Being tired but unable to sleep
Extreme behavior
A sudden overall change in behavior (the user suddenly is happier, nicer, and doing better in school/job)
Their skin may look “weathered”, an Adderall user may start to become “goofier”
Increased sexuality

Adderall may have made th user feel like they were on top of the world for the first couple of days, but this quickly diminishes. Adderall takes its victims quite quickly. You will feel, look, and act “cracked out” within days. This feeling will become obvious to others and be more frequent as soon as a few weeks. Your cheeks will sink in, you will become bony and your behavior will become rediculous. You won’t really notice this but everyone else will. If you have any form of high blood pressure or heart problems, I really hope and pray your not left alone with young kids or driving because you are inches away from a heart attack.
Adderall will also cause blackouts, especially when the person stands up after sitting.
If you have been abusing Adderall for a few months now, you can kiss your nerves goodbye. Your central nervous system is going to fry and for the rest of your life you will more than likely be dependent on nerve medication as you will get the shakes and paranoia everyday. You can also expect your sexual desire to disappear, kiss away the thought of ever TRUELY pleasing your husband and having a healthy sex drive.
During Addy addiction, I hope you take a lot of pictures and look at them when you are clear headed. You will see a very sick version of yourself, and hopefully stop.
DO NOT take Adderall during pregnancy or breast feeding. I know drug addiction is a terribly hard thing but you will permanently damage the baby and that is WRONG!! If you choose to use, I hope that you have the patients to deal with a hyperactive child (if not disabled), and for that child’s entire life you have NO RIGHT to yell at them over something associated with ADHD or ADD that you caused them, and I hope to God that as a drug user you will never ever ever lose your patients and hit this kid out of frustration. YOU did this to them.
I encourage anyone who is taking Adderall I thinking about it to Google “Faces of Meth” and don’t ever assume this won’t happen to you.

Please remember: You are NOT a bad parent. This is not the time to get mad and start screaming. Calm down and focus on what’s important.
Drug abuse is a real genuine problem and it’s easy to turn your head from its possibilities. Drug addicts are in no way bad PEOPLE, they are victims. This can happen to anyone at anytime. Drugs do not discriminate; they care NOTHING about your social status, your money, your education levels, your gender or age, they will take the soul of anyone at anytime. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, that’s a popular saying. Well I say that it’s all fun and games until drugs choose you. YOU ARE NOT AN ACCEPTION. Drugs may seem fun at first but they will take your soul, your desires, your goals, your dreams and then they take your family, your kids, your good looks, and ultimately your life.