It Works (Body Wraps) Review

I heard about the company It Works and had the same initial reaction as most do: “Yea…whatever”.
And then I SAW it with my own eyes! 3 days ago I watched my friend do a body wrap. She was measured in 3 areas before and wore the wrap for an hour. When the wrap was taken off, I was taken back! Her skin looked so smooth!! I kid you not, her stretch marks were lighter too. After the second round of being measured, she had lost a total of 5.5 inches!!

The wrap works by the gel. The gel absorbs into the skin and sucks toxins out of your fat cells. That gel stays inside of you for 72 hours, so even after losing immediate inches, she will keep losing for 3 days.

It Works is actually, in fact, a great product! Definitely worth every penny spent!

I saw another girl get wrapped today, in one hour she lost 3.5 inches and 3 pounds!!

I am writing this review for anyone who may be skeptical about this product and decides to Google it. The results really are real and pretty darn amazing!!

You can write me if you want to know how to order, have questions, and how to get everything half off!!!


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