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What now?

Published June 17, 2013 by lindseymeetsworld

Well, here I am. My daughter just went to visit her Dad for a few weeks several states away and I’m alone at home.
I’m sober and alone in a big house with nothing to do besides find myself.
In NA they say to go day by day, or minute by minute. Whatever works. I’m going second by second.
I slept in quite late and was awoken by the smell of lillacs outside the window.
My hair and makeup are not done but I don’t care! Me and my coffee cup went out to sit in the grass, I closed my eyes and just appreciated such a beautiful smell.
No plan.
Just doing exactly what I want.
I have a meeting tonight in 4 hours, I think I’m going to walk today 🙂 There’s a nature trail nearby and I want to walk it.
Getting off drugs is the hardest thing one will ever do, but then there comes a day when laying in the grass is all you want and need to be happy. I pray you find that day.
May you blast a song and dance like no one is watching you!!!
When you hear a thunderstorm, go outside! Go play in the rain like the inner kid you are.
I forgot how much I loved the rain.

This week I choose to walk wherever I go. I want to walk slowly and recognize the absolute beauty around me. I live in a beautiful lakeside area!! Maybe I’ll walk down to the park and watch the sunset, the sky turns so pink!!
Maybe I’ll sleep in the camper and listen to the crickets 🙂

Either way, I feel humbled.

Sorry for the rambling, but I hope and pray that one day you will play in the rain, sober, an it’ll feel great!!
Just keep trying!!