Imodium for Opiate Withdrawl

Published May 26, 2013 by lindseymeetsworld


If you or a loved one are experiencing opiate withdrawl then trust me when I say that Imodium will be your best friend!
It took me countless “try’s” before I was finally off Norcos and Morphine. I would detox and get sober, only to relapse even harder than before. I spent about a year doing this over and over until I decided to do it “right”. First of all, you need a PLAN. I cannot express this enough.
But back to the point.
Everytime I detoxed I would learn something new about this addiction. During my very last detox I got myself some Imodium to help me stop peeing every two seconds so maybe I could actually relax. I didn’t have any withdrawl symptoms. On the third day I was doing my hair and makeup, went out on a family day, it didn’t make any sense. I should have been in bed feeling terrible. What was going on?
Wtf? I had no idea. I got online and learned that Imodium is a heroin addicts life saver. HOW did I NOT know this?? After about 12 detoxes I’m just NOW learning this?
Imodium is an Anti-Diarreha medicine that you can buy right from the store.
I will let you do more research on it if you may, but trust me friends, Imodium is an opiate addicts BEST FRIEND when it comes to detox.


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